Wake Me Up

How I love this song, but I can tell you this to start, my review of this song is going to be a little bit different from my others. You see, I view this song as two songs in one: One song is the electronic mix by the title artist Avicii, and the other song is the embedded folk song and lyrics by Aloe Blancc. I love the lyrics; the background mix, not so much. This song would have been an amazing stand alone folk song since Blancc’s voice is just spectacular. Although Avicii’s background mix is great for a workout, I don’t think that it really complimented this song. Many people may want to debate me on this and that’s fine. I do like this song a lot, I just see it as two separate songs put together that would have probably been better…apart.

“Life’s a game made for everyone, and Love is a prize♥” 


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