The 7 Most Unexpectedly Romantic Pop Lyrics

Thought Catalog

It is easy to write off modern pop music. We can look at the glossy, almost coldly mathematical production it is given and the impossibly catchy hooks and think of it more as music for robots than people with real emotions. Pop music is there to make us absent-mindedly nod our heads, we think, not speak to the part of us that we are afraid to look at in the mirror. And though there are some pop artists to whom we lend a bit more artistic credibility, there are many we are ready to dismiss as the empty calories of the musical landscape. But whether it is a particularly poignant line or an entire lyrical theme that gets us, when a manufactured pop song overcomes its sugary coating, it becomes the kind of song we listen to instead of just hearing.

1. “The Only Exception,” Paramore

And I’ve always lived…

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