JoJo’s Comeback And Why You Should Care

Thought Catalog

JoJo is back. Yes, I’m talking about that girl who once sang, “Leave (Get Out)” and no, I’m not kidding. After an almost five year hiatus, she just released a new single in preparation for her new album Jumping Trains. You should be listening, and I’ll tell you why: She’s genuinely talented, she’s fought tooth and nail for this record to finally be released, and she’s out of her mind. Seriously, what more do you need out of an artist?

To really understand the JoJo, you’ve got to know her history. Allow me to give you an accelerated summary of her career. A reading from the book of JoJo, if you will.

She first appeared as a contestant on America’s Most Talented Kids. Though barely a pre-teen, she stunned the audience with her throaty, soulful vocals that were reminiscent of a young Christina Aguilera (pre-Bionic/divorce/public intoxication/astounding weight gain/

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