“When You feel my heat, look into my eyes, its where my demons hide, its where my demons hide” – ‘Demons’ Imagine Dragons

Everyone has their little secrets that have changed their lives critically. These are our demons. Our demons can been seen as the chances we failed to take, the love we failed to share, the success we lack in life, our mental states of mind, our social groups or status, the wrongs we have committed, and so on. Although it may not always be visible, our demons are present in our minds and control the way that we see the world. Only some people will ever know about those demons or even be able to tell that you have any. This song by Imagine Dragons is about how our demons affect the way that we are with other people and the way in which we see the world or our lives. Demons is a beautifully crafted song as the changes in tempo of the music are perfectly coordinated to the lyrics of the song. I absolutely love this song as I can relate to it completely. Sometimes we enter into dark periods in life, it take a special person to peer into your eyes and sense the demons inside.


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