For The Nights I Can’t Remember

This song is just pure perfection and beauty. I love this song for the mere fact that I can relate to it in some sort. I would like to think that I am a … different kind of a person, and not always in the best of ways. In life, everyone needs that someone to stand by them through thick and thin and still love/care for them when things turn shitty. That’s what this song is about. This song paints the perfect picture of having lost yourself but finding yourself through the strength and love of the one that truly cares for you. Some times we loose ourselves and forget our true purpose; we need some one in our lives to guide us back to a place of normality. “For the Nights I Can’t Remember” shows us that sometimes we need to step back from our problems and see those who are their to help us through them. Pain and conflict doesn’t last forever.


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