This song is a beautiful song about sex without the presence of love. I mean, the Weeknd has never sung about loveless intercourse in any of his songs before…no, he hasn’t (It’s in every song). Basically, what I am trying to get at is that this is the Weeknd song that I am currently obsessed with today. His almost flawless falsetto and vocals make this song sound like a peaceful seranade towards a woman that he is in love with…but realistic he’s just telling her how she’s gonna get it in a very beautiful way. That works too. This song is just soothing and I could listen to it, for probably 5-10 times on repeat. After that, I kind of move on… and I am no longer talking about the song itself. This song is just the perfect ode to bedroom love. There really is nothing left to say about this piece of music…I’m just repeating myself now…ok, done.


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