Lost Without You

This is one of those R&B songs that are so sexy and sensual that you fall instantaneously in love with the artist upon hearing it. Robin Thicke’s voice is so smooth and “velvety” that it just sends shivers up and down your spine, but the good kinds. This song made Thicke’s career and it is still his signature song till this day. It truly is just great; R&B at its finest. I just love the fact that this song is Thicke’s ode to his girlfriend about how he is still sexy even though his music isn’t doing as well as it could possibly do. It truly is a sexy song. It makes you think of all of the things you would want to do to…. ANYWAYS MOVING ON!!!! I hope that everytime you listen to this song in a candle lit room with your lover, the love you had is rekindled.


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