Everybody Knows

Lately, I have been listening to music that I can relate to. Over the past two weeks, I have unfortunately lost my best friend of 7 years. And it is hard. Some may relate this feeling to losing a boyfriend/girlfriend of 7 years (or 7 months depending on who you are). You have lost the person that you could tell anything to in a matter of seconds. Years are gone in seconds. Its sad, but so very real and true. “Everybody knows, but nobody really knows”. Everyone can see what is in front of them, but they will never truly know what it feels like unless they are in that situation. I think that this is what John Legend was trying to allude to in his song. So, I will continue to sit here and listen to music that will remind me until I completely let go. Heartbreak is inevitable, it happens to us everyday. This song may remind you…but it can also be used to help put those feelings behind you.



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