She’s Still Loving Me♥

REGGAE! I HAVEN’T DONE THAT YET! You would be surprised wouldn’t you? With my love for Bob Marley and other reggae musicians, I should have done a reggae post by now. I have really just been posting mainstream music and my goal for this blog is to make my music selection more diverse. So on that note, comment on any of my posts with any music you would love for me to review and I will gladly listen to it and do so. On to the actual song of the day.


I love this song. It is on of my favourite reggae/love songs. She’s Still Loving Me by: Morgan Heritage is a song about a woman still sticking by her man even through the hard times. It discusses love and dedication, which are necessary things in making a relationship last forever. They have lyrically illustrated this idea accurately. The beat behind the vocals is just as great. So, listen, enjoy, and rock away.


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