Swimming Pools (Drank)

This post is officially the first post dedicated to a hip-hop/rap song. I don’t usually listen to this genre of music, but I really should broaden my horizons if I am going to be producing a blog about music commentary. Kendrick Lamar’s song Swimming Pools (Drank) has a killer beat which will captivate the ears immediately, but what ultimately hooks you is the intro lyrics, which a repetitive and catchy. The rest of the song however, isn’t as strong as this one part, but it does ok. This song is ultimately about getting extremely drunk to the point of not being coherent. This song could also be viewed as a quail to alcoholism  It seems like a confession of an alcoholic. ” Pull up, head shot, sit down, stand up, pass out, wake up, faded, faded” The hole time uttering “drank” in between each phrase. All in all, I really do like this song and I hope that you like it too. This might even encourage me to listen to more hip-hop/rap or at least some more Kendrick Lamar.




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