A Thousand Years ♥

“I have died waiting for you…I have loved you for a thousand years”. These lyrics just seem so fitting for a film like this. So, I saw Breaking Dawn part 2 this weekend and I don’t know if it was the fact that my favourite novel turned movie franchise was ending, the fact that the ending sequence was so beautiful, or the fact that this song was so sad yet fitting that tears came to my eyes as I witnessed this end to an era. I think it was everything above combined. This song represents the love between Bella and Edward in such a good way…its like it was written just for them. They are dead, well the living dead and they will be together and in love for thousands of years. I hope that you all will love this beautiful song by Christina Perri and for all of those twilight lovers out there, I hope it makes you feel as emotional yet complete as it made me feel.




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